Embroidery is the best method to decorate certain garments such as hats, outerwear, patches, polos, and fleece, as these items do not lend themselves very well to printing. It is also widely regarded as the more professional form of promoting your brand plus is long lasting and does not show any signs of deteriorating as time goes on, or the effects of being washed frequently.


    Screen Printing is the most economical way of decorating t-shirts, and is the standard when printing over 24 items or when there is a great amount of detail. We print all of our apparel in-house on our 6 color station manual press. Due to the set up involved in screen printing, the more shirts you order, the lower your price. Each location and color requires new setup thus a front print will always cost less than a front and back print. 


    We can create indoor and outdoor graphic signs for your business at an affordable price. From bumper stickers to yard signs we’ve got you covered. We can create your designs in a wide range of colors and sizes using durable vinyl that stands up to the elements. For our trucking friends we offer a complete service of lettering doors, hood, tanks, side doors, trailer sign, back of bunk, side steps, you name it.


    Promotional products are everyday imprinted items, like pens or koozies, customized with a company’s name, advertising message, or logo and used to promote business. Think of these freebies as the best way to get your brand's message directly into the hands of your target audience. These products are kept by recipients, offering great exposure for you to not only that customer but others who see it.

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